Mindstuff offers software engineering services for any stage of a project lifecycle, from design and prototyping, to maintenance, reengineering and migration

Application Design & Development: Provides resources for new development engagements or projects already in progress; produces complete project documentation

Start-Up Solutions & Prototyping: Places prototype into an end-user format that can be built/tested and conceptually validated prior to undertaking a full development project

Product Enhancement & Re-engineering: Offers add-on features to fix deficiencies in current solutions and re-engineers legacy applications

Mobile Platform Development: Develops both front-end and back-end mobile applications

SaaS Application Development: Offers migration of traditional products to SaaS platforms and development of new web-enabled applications

Application Support & Maintenance: Offers a variety of maintenance and support models using a combination of onsite and offshore services

Development Methodology

Mindstuff is founded by a group of technologists who bring to table a wide range of experience in the areas of Software development and IT maintenance services. We have specialization on Internet and middleware technologies, spanning across web 1.0, web 2.0 and now leaping into web 3.0 & SOA based technology implementations on various platforms.

We focus on innovating, incubating and implementing cutting edge business technology services that would help bring predictive cost and predictive quality for software development & maintenance services. We achieve this through our vast experience in setting up of medium to large delivery centres which are outcome based; where the client contracts are written in such a way that the payments are made based on pre-defined quality, time and efficiency/productivity parameters.